Regent's Park Road, London

The six storey building in North London is designed with an exquisite facade that undulates at the top while the line at ground remains straight; the result is an elegant wave propagating from the ground.


The bricks follow a new alignment, rotated 60 degrees to the line of the facade. This realignment of the brick produces an elegant rough texture along the straight line. When the facade begins to wave with larger amplitude the alignment of the brick creates a variation in the texture across the surface of the facade. In this way, as one would walk past the building the facade changes dramatically depending on the angle.


The corner is rounded to follow the geometry and indicates the prominence of the position of the building in the city block. All 12 flats benefit from balconies and view over the park.







Client: Farmview LLP / London

Type: Housing

Year: 2012

Team: Nathaniel Kolbe, Lida Charsouli, Andrea Albanese, Antonia Garcia Lopez, Natassa Tsolaki


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